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X-Ray Facility User Guidelines

Laboratory Location: University of Minnesota
22 Shepherd Laboratories
100 Union Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Applications: Wide Angle Diffraction
Small Angle Scattering
Single Crystal Orientation
X-ray Reflection
Temperature Control
High Resolution Thin Film Analysis
Pole Figure Analysis
Automatic Surface Mapping
Reciprocal Space Mapping
Laboratory Staff: Linda Sauer
Telephone Numbers: (612) 626-0776 - Lab & staff office

Users of the x-ray lab must have appropriate safety and instrument training.  Call (612) 626-0776 or email for more information about training.

Scheduling is computerized.  After you have received training from the laboratory staff, you may schedule time using the reservation system

Cancellation of instrument time must be 48 hours in advance or you will be billed for the entire time which you requested.  You may cancel through the reservation system or e-mailing the office.

Billing begins from the start of the reserved time (even if you arrive late).  You will be billed for the entire time reserved.  Any extra time will be rounded to the nearest hour.  There is a half hour (30 minute) minimum.

Academic Rates (All U.S. higher education institutions)    [  PDF 35kB]

Training classes may be scheduled by contacting Linda Sauer.  Training is generally 2-3 hours in length.

  • Samples may not be left in the lab.
  • There is no hood in the lab; therefore solvents should be used sparingly.
  • Please notify the laboratory manager to receive prior approval to use hazardous substances.