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Field Emission Gun
Scanning Electron Microscope

Hitachi SU8230

Location:  1–216 Nils Hasselmo Hall

Contacts:  Chris Frethem
Hanseung Lee

Instruction manual: In Staff
SEM Primer   [  PDF 2.6MB]

SEM Training Policy   [  PDF 17.6kB]


  • High-resolution topographic contrast (Se) and atomic number contrast (BSe) imaging of biological and non-biological samples in both room temperature and cryo modes
  • Cold field-emission gun with "Mild Flashing" technology.
  • 6 inch sample chamber; integrated LN2 cryo trap.
  • Resolution: 0.8 nm resolution at 15 kV at 4.0 mm WD; 1.1 nm resolution at 1.0 kV landing voltage at 1.5 mm WD.
  • Magnification ranges from 20 X to 1,000,000X. (See Description)
  • In-column Upper ExB detector; In-column Top Detector, In-Chamber lower ET detector; 4+1 segment semiconductor (PD-BSE) detector. (See Description)
  • Leica VCT-100 Cryo Stage / Cryo Transfer System
  • Thermo Noran System 7 EDS (See Description)

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