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Scanning Probe Microscope

SPM4: Keysight formerly (MI/Agilent) 5500 environmental SPM plus high-speed force-curve mapping and multifrequency methods

Location:  1–214 Nils Hasselmo Hall

Contacts:  Greg Haugstad

SPM Overview and common instrument characteristics


  • Closed-loop large scanner (90 x 90 x 13 µm) and open-loop small scanner (10 x 8 x 3 µm)
  • Witec Digital Pulsed Force Mode electronics for fast force-curve mapping modes (akin to Bruker's PeakForce tapping)
  • Agilent MACIII electronics (multifrequency methods: bimodal, contact resonance, single-pass EFM/KFM)
  • Both acoustic and magnetic (MAC) cantilever excitations are available for dynamic modes.
  • Sample temperature can be varied from -30 to 250° C
  • Humidity can be varied from 0.1 to 95% RH; nitrogen purge option
  • Multi-size open liquid cells including petri dish accommodation
  • Pico IC vibration isolation chamber with video access.