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X-ray Diffraction & Scattering
Wide Angle

Scintag XDS 2000 Diffractometer

Location:  8 Shepherd Labs

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Radiation and Lab Safety


  • Scintag XDS 2000 theta/theta goniometer with 2.2 kW sealed copper X-ray source.
  • Solid state detector.
  • Temperature attachment 1: -270° C to 300° C.
  • Temperature attachment 2: ambient to 1400° C.
  • The theta/theta goniometer enables the sample to remain horizontal, so liquid films may be analyzed.
  • The unit has a wide variety of software including batch capabilities.

Sample Applications Include:

  • In situ analysis of structural changes as a function of temperature.
  • Phase identification.
  • Thin-film analysis.
  • Lattice parameter determination.
  • Purity/quality control of materials.
  • Orientation of single crystals.
  • Particle size determination.

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