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Jason Myers

Transmission Electron Microscopy Specialist

(612) 626-3613


Ph.D.  Chemistry, University of Minnesota
B.S.  Chemistry, University of Minnesota

Professional Experience

2013 - present Research Associate, Characterization Facility, University of Minnesota
2011 - 2013 Postdoctoal Associate, Characterization Facility, University of Minnesota
2010 Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota
2006 - 2008 Instructor, Department of Chemistry, Minneapolis Community and Technical College
2003 - 2010 Research and Teaching Assistant, Depart of Chemistry, University of Minnesota


  • Thermal Stabilization of Metal-Organic Framework-Derived Single-Site Catalytic Clusters through Nanocasting;
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  • Characterization of Pebax Angioplasty Balloon Surfaces with AFM, SEM, TEM, and SAXS;
    JA Warner, B Forsyth, F Zhou, J Myers, C Frethem, G Haugstad; Journal of Biomedical Research B, 2015, 104, 470‐475
  • Accelerating Reactive Compatibilization of PE/PLA Blends by an Interfacially Localized Catalyst;
    CM Thurber, Y Xu, JC Myers, TP Lodge, CW Macosko; ACS Macro Letters, 2014, 4, 30–33
  • Controlling Heterogenite Particle Morphology and Microstructure by Varying Synthetic Conditions;
    JC Myers, RL Penn; Materials Research Bulletin, 2011, 46, 694–657
  • Tracking Surface Evolution using Ligand-Assisted Dissolution of Cobalt Oxyhydroxide;
    JC Myers, RL Penn; Langmuir, 2011, 27, 158–165
  • Evolving Surface Reactivity of Cobalt Oxyhydroxide Nanoparticles;
    JC Myers, RL Penn; Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2007, 111, 10597–10602