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Why acknowledge?  Didn't I pay to use the CharFac?

Per scientific ethics as covered in users' Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training, as well as the guidelines of technical journals and the codes of conduct of professional societies, acknowledgement and authorship cannot be tied to issues of which funding paid for which effort. As such, it is unethical for CharFac staff members to not charge a sponsored account simply as quid pro quo for acknowledgement or co-authorship.

Authorship must be treated as an intellectual matter only. Anyone who performed the science that contributes significantly to a publication (irrespective of how this effort was funded) -- in the case of the CharFac staff, the analytical/measurement science (e.g., experimental design including data acquisition strategies, data processing/analysis, perhaps write-up) -- and is thereby the investigator most answerable to the technical community on details regarding the veracity, accuracy, precision and interpretation of the analytical results, should be a co-author.