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Field Emission Gun
Transmission Electron Microscope

FEI Tecnai G2 F30

Location:  73 Shepherd Labs

Contact:  Jason Myers


  • The Tecnai G2 F30 field emission gun transmission electron microscope combines all imaging, diffraction, and analytical techniques at high spatial resolution and detection efficiency.  The high-brightness, high-coherency gun allows large electron probe currents to be focused onto nanometer-sized areas of the specimen.
  • Application-specific modes include: High-resolution bright- and dark-field imaging; TEM microprobe and nanoprobe analysis; small-probe convergent beam; STEM imaging; and hollow cone and high-angle annular dark-field imaging modes.
  • Accelerating voltage range of 50 to 300 kV.
  • Magnifications up to >1 million times.
  • Point resolution: 0.20 nm; Information limit: 0.14 nm; HAADF STEM resolution: 0.19 nm.
  • Maximum specimen tilt: 40°.
  • Drift rate: <1 nm / min.
  • Specimen holders: Single- and double-tilt holders; Protochips Aduro heating holder.
  • Energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometer: EDAX rTEM with an ultrathin window allows detection of elements from boron to uranium.
  • Electron energy loss spectrometer: Gatan Enfina spectrometer allows detection and chemical analysis of elements as light as lithium with an energy resolution of 0.35 eV (FWHM).

Sample applications include:

  • Composition analysis structure of grain boundaries in ceramics
  • Lattice imaging of defects semi-conductor epitaxy, growth, and defects in analysis and metrology
  • Magnetic films on chromium
  • Identification of precipitates in materials

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